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Training Motivating employees and making the team independent

Motivational 3.0 training

Training versions:
stationary | closed : Warsaw / Poland


Are you looking for training to further develop your managerial competences in motivating and empowering employees/teams ? For example, when:

  • an employee expects a raise, promotion or other change from you and you don't have the budget or you don't think he deserves it
  • the employee is demotivated and lacks enthusiasm
  • Your employees are effective as long as you "lead" them: monitor them, provide feedback - without this, declines occur.
  • or you simply want to discover how you can strengthen the motivation, commitment and synergy of your team so that employees can manage themselves, even when you are away for a month


This training will equip you with advanced techniques for conducting conversations with demotivated and demanding employees, as well as the tools of a transformational leader - one who can inspire with a vision, provoke changes and unite his team around common values ​​and attitudes!

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This is probably... the best rated Motivational Training.

Yes, a bold statement. And we have evidence for it - look below!

Training effects Motivating employees and making the team more independent

During the training, you will learn:

  • Motivating, inspiring and engaging the employee, especially non-financially.
  • Developing the employee and empowering him to develop independently.
  • Building a team that cooperates and supports each other in achieving common goals for which they feel co-responsible.
  • How to use the coaching management style as a transformational leader
  • Management through your and company values ​​and managing employee and team values

Our Motivational Trainings are full of practical tools ready for you to use!

They have already benefited from motivation training at 4GROW – what are their impressions?

I have never been to such a well-conducted, practical training before. The hardest part is ahead of us, but I feel that these were days very well spent. Now it can't go wrong.

Your employee comes asking for a raise and leaves with the task of planning a new project, and it is a satisfying end to the conversation for him - the ability to effectively manage a team is acquired during training at 4GROW :) . I recommend.

We conducted training for:

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Level III - training program: Motivating employees and making the team independent

1. How to motivate disengaged employees non-financially? Motivating 3.0

You will discover the power of the psychology of motivation and learn and get practical tools that will help you motivate your employees even in the most difficult situations, e.g. when they want a raise they don't deserve or for which you don't have the budget.

  • The 10 strongest universal, preventive non-financial motivators , stronger than a raise
  • Conditional and unconditional rewards - how to use them to cultivate long-term employee motivation and not spoil his internal motivation ?
  • You will discover which rewards - often used by managers - destroy the employee's long-term motivation, giving only a very short-term effect
  • What is Motivation 3.0 and why does the "carrot and stick" model no longer work? What is the importance of needs in motivating and how to use them in motivating?
  • Maslow's pyramid of needs , which does not always work - what to do to motivate with an inverted pyramid (i.e., so that physiological and safety needs are not the most important)
  • Herzberg's theory with a practical tool for its application
  • How to motivate Generation X/Y/Z (Millennials)?
  • How to regularly check the level of motivation and react on an ongoing basis to prevent it from decreasing? Practical tool: Motivation Matrix™
  • How to motivate with the advanced technique "4GROW™ Non-Financial Motivation Algorithm" in the event of a conflict of interests and expectations with an employee:
    • disengaged (e.g. packs ahead of time, works at maximum 100%, does not take the initiative, etc.)
    • setting expectations that are impossible to meet (e.g. wants a raise, promotion, other projects, another change, a new car, etc.)
    • demotivated (works below 90% of capacity, complains, spoils the atmosphere, refuses to perform tasks, etc.)
  • What is a motivation system , what does it consist of, how does it differ from a remuneration system and how can you, as a manager, easily create it?

2. How to motivate a team to be independent through management by values ​​and attitudes - Management By Values

  1. What is management by values ​​and attitudes?
    • What are values ​​and attitudes?
    • How to manage values ​​at 4 levels :
      • Managing employee values
      • Managing team values
      • Employee and team management through manager values
      • Employee and team management through company values
    • How to show employees the benefits of values-based management?
    • What should be the manager's role in managing by values ​​and attitudes?
    • Jak powinien wyglądać proces zarządzania wartościami i postawami, by przynosił krótko- i długofalowy zwrot z inwestycji Twojego czasu?
    • Jaka jest rola utożsamiania się pracownika z wartościami i postawami Twoimi i firmowymi oraz jak do tego doprowadzić u pracownika?
  2. Practical techniques of management through values ​​and attitudes:
    • Value Cards – a simple and powerful tool for quickly checking the value of employees and extracting non-financial motivators from them .
    • Value Circle - a technique of self-diagnosis of team values ​​- how to use it to motivate your team to take care of the values ​​and attitudes you desire?
    • Team Contract – how can a manager use values ​​to build expected attitudes in the team?
    • "Wind in the sails"™ - a technique of discovering the strongest individual motivators (remaining in the employee's memory for years) at the level of values ​​and combining them with the values ​​of the manager and the organization
    • How to strengthen motivation to achieve goals by extracting employee values?
    • STAR – How to examine the values ​​of job candidates and employ employees matched to the company and team in terms of values ​​and attitudes?
    • Motivation Matrix™ - how to translate motivators from the level of needs into even deeper levels - values ​​and beliefs thanks to which we can motivate more strongly
    • 4GROW™ Non-Financial Motivation Algorithm – a motivating technique when the employee is unable or willing to meet the needs and expectations
    • Matrix of values ​​and attitudes™ as a starting point for shaping and correcting employee attitudes and values
    • ZPZU and feedback as development conversations within "instant feedback" to strengthen and correct attitudes and demonstrate values
    • 5 Team dysfunctions - level II - how to make employees:
      • were committed to achieving the goals
      • they felt responsible for them
      • they attached importance to results

3. How to talk about values ​​to inspire and motivate changes?

  • through the boss's Expose - level II - thanks to a vision that is beneficial to the employee so that he or she wants to implement the values ​​of the manager and the company
  • through individual conversations so that the employee is clear about what the manager expects from him and thanks to this he can work in line with your expectations for a year

Throughout the training, the trainer will pay attention to your language and body language in the context of building your authority as a leader - neurolinguistics is powerful knowledge that will help you consciously use words!


Lead your team to the heights of motivation and commitment...

Sign up for the training!


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Benefits - what will you get apart from training?

team management Training

The trainer will ask about your needs and propose an optimal
program FREE

You can talk to a coach today about your problems and needs and make sure they are met. And they will be fulfilled, even if they go beyond the training formula, because only with us the "program" means something more than the training itself:

Team management training

The trainer will take care of you during EXTRA
individual  training FREE

When you want to tackle a challenge that goes beyond the training program but is related to its topic, or prepare for an important and difficult situation, practice and make sure that you optimally apply the learned techniques - you have 60 minutes one-on-one with a trainer, within a year from training. Apart from that:

Team management training

The trainer supports you by phone with unlimited hours FREE

After all, after the training, we start to see more, so new questions arise. And a helping hand is useful to combine the wealth of knowledge and techniques acquired from our training with your life. Additionally:

Training to motivate employees

Access to the online.4grow.pl platform FREE

After the training, each participant receives unlimited access to the 4GROW online platform, where they can preview training materials, use exercises and tools, read the list of recommended books and use the forum.

Motivating training

Your training will be 100% FREE

Because we do not cancel training. If the training date is not yet guaranteed, just sign up and we will confirm your registration so that the date is automatically guaranteed.

Who conducts motivation training?


Małgorzata Jabłońska

Psycholog i praktyk biznesu, trener umiejętności miękkich, dwujęzyczny coach i mentor certyfikowany w USA

Psychologist and business practitioner, soft skills trainer, bilingual coach and mentor certified in the USA

Certified clinical psychologist. She completed master's studies at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw, as well as 4-year doctoral studies at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences as part of the Soros Foundation.

A business practitioner with 30 years of experience working in the corporate world in top managerial positions - in Poland, the region of Europe, Africa and the Middle East and in the USA. She has gained extensive experience in effective management of human teams - in multicultural environments, working on international and global projects at various stages of building corporate structures, in the departments of market research, business analyzes and the development of global innovations.

Trainer of trainers in the field of leadership and managerial skills training, team management and presentation (certificates obtained in the USA). He specializes in management and leadership, managing change in an organization, effective communication and conflict resolution, forum speeches and business presentations, as well as managerial coaching and mentoring.

Creator of original training and workshop programs, an experienced trainer and business presentation practitioner with extensive experience in introducing international training standards to the business world in Poland.

An expert in the field of innovative teaching methods - co-author of innovative solutions for teaching SGH students, also cooperating with PWSBiA in Warsaw and Collegium Verum, Postgraduate Studies.

Więcej Mniej

Training methodology for motivating employees

W naszych szkoleniach dostajesz właśnie w takich proporcjach:

metodyka mobile metodyka desktop

Techniki i narzędzia konkretne strategie działania adekwatne do sytuacji i optymalne narzędzia (np. formularze, scenariusze rozmów, matryce, ściągi) – gotowce, które wiesz jak wykorzystać na co dzień


Warsztat dzięki ćwiczeniom grupowym, grom, pracy w parach, na gorącym krześle, prowokacjom, wdrażasz nowe techniki i narzędzia, doświadczasz omawianych mechanizmów na sobie także w zaskakujących eksperymentach


Wiedza niezbędne informacje, teorie przełamujące schematy i mity, badania i odkrycia z różnych dziedzin: psychologii, neurobiologii, coachingu, NLP

  • The training is conducted in workshops - participants practice the techniques and tools they learn in a very diverse way.
  • Everyone receives training materials, exercises and tools (forms, cheat sheets, planners, etc.).
  • After the training, the participant receives access to the 4GROW training platform, where:
    • all training materials are embedded and
    • is a forum for written communication with the trainer and training participants on this topic, enabling asking questions and exchanging experiences.
  • Online participants connect via a video-training platform with the trainer (and participants in the room, if they have registered as part of the Mix form).

Our quality - your comfort

comfort of development in a comfortable chair 
and a maximum of 9 people in the room


Why do they love our motivation training?

I got it right. A very accessible and interesting form of training. Charismatic trainer, comfortable training atmosphere. I will recommend it to my colleagues and friends.

During training: Team management, motivation and leadership, I learned techniques that can be easily implemented in real professional practice. The training material was prepared in a very substantive, clear and understandable manner, the training gives a lot of scope for activity and testing of one's skills and limitations. The trainer implements the material transparently, devoting equal time and attention to each participant. It was a practical and pleasant 2 days, and I will implement the knowledge from the training in my company immediately.

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Cena Regular:
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3 990 zł netto
  • Trening indywidualny 60 minut gratis
  • Kontakt z trenerem bez limitu godzin gratis
  • Nielimitowany dostęp do platformy online 4GROW gratis
  • Jeśli to Twoje kolejne szkolenie odbierz rabat 100zł
  • Nielimitowany dostęp do tematycznej, zamkniętej grupy rozwojowej online
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Open training: stationary

We provide stationary services in Warsaw

Adrianna Ostrowska
Open training coordinator

Closed training: stationary | online

We provide stationary services throughout Poland

Agata Smykla
Closed training coordinator

Dates of employee motivation training

2024-07-11 - 2024-07-12

Zarządzanie zespołem i motywowanie pracownikó w pigułce

To szkolenie obejmuje zagadnienia 4 funkcje zarządzania zespołem: motywowanie, delegowanie, ocenianie, egzekwowanie.
Warszawa Zarezerwuj
2024-08-20 - 2024-08-21

Zarządzanie zespołem i motywowanie pracownikó w pigułce

To szkolenie obejmuje zagadnienia 4 funkcje zarządzania zespołem: motywowanie, delegowanie, ocenianie, egzekwowanie.
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Do uzgodnienia

Szkolenie dedykowane / zamknięte - dopasujemy do Twoich potrzeb

Zamów szkolenie zamknięte, dedykowane specjalnie dla Twojego zespołu! Skontaktuj się z nami, a dopasujemy termin, miejsce i scenariusz szkolenia do specyfiki oraz potrzeb Waszej firmy!
Mix: Online lub dowolne miasto Zapytaj
2024-10-03 - 2024-10-04

Zarządzanie zespołem i motywowanie pracownikó w pigułce

To szkolenie obejmuje zagadnienia 4 funkcje zarządzania zespołem: motywowanie, delegowanie, ocenianie, egzekwowanie.
Warszawa Zarezerwuj

Team management, leadership and motivation - a must-have for a 21st century leader

An effective team management, leadership and motivation style is the holy grail for most leaders. Managers often throw up their hands, complaining that they have tried "literally everything" - no rewards or penalties have made employees engage in their tasks. These leaders have lost the desire to develop their team management, leadership and motivation skills. Others feel resistance to "negotiating" with an employee who "only has to do his job." There are also those who would certainly like to help the employees, but their "hands are tied" because the structure of the organization "does not allow them to take any action in this direction." During the training, will these leaders receive a universal recipe for effective team management, leadership and motivation?

First, they will refute many false beliefs and unconstructive patterns of team management, leadership and motivation. For example, by using a system of rewards and penalties to encourage an employee to perform a given task, we gain a person who takes action only due to external circumstances, i.e. as long as the carrot is appetizing enough or the fear of the whip is great enough. This style of team management, leadership and motivation causes the employee to be neither effective nor committed. It focuses only on the consequences of the task, not on its execution itself, and requires constant control. The financial aspect is often a huge surprise during team management, leadership and motivation
training - it is important, but overestimated by managers. Of course, each employee must be provided with some material security, but money is not the most effective motivator because it works on the principle of an external carrot.

The effectiveness of the team, the satisfaction and motivation of its individual members depend on you. It is worth working on your team management, leadership and motivation style to contribute to the success of the team and organization.